Gear puzzleTop search engine rankings are primarily driven by the links that point to a particular website but just as important to take into consideration is the anchor text that is being used for your link. Too often people will use their name or company name as their link. This will get you to page one but usually for terms that most people are not searching for. The right anchor text is going to make a big difference in your site’s traffic.

A site that specializes in “Calgary real estate” would do much better to acquire links that use that term as the linking text. This becomes a citation that tells the search engines that the page being linked to is about “Calgary real estate”. This is much better than using your own name of company name since many sites will rank highly for their own name without doing any specific link building for it since if you are in trusted directories these links are using you name.

Link exchanges are one way people try to get specific anchor text links but this could be a lot of effort for very little return. This is because search engine such as Google are giving less weight to these types of links. These links are also usually on pages that are full of links to other sites which are not considered as important page as a page that is about your subject.

You can also purchase links that will appear on one or a number of websites. This enables you to specify exactly what anchor text you want to use. But again search engines are not valuing these links as much as they once did and are getting very good at finding which links on a site are paid.

One of the best ways to get links that use your chosen anchor text is to create content. This could be in the form of articles or short blog posts that you distribute to article directories like or directly to blogs. Most article sites allow you add your anchor text link in your author signature or even better, within the article itself. Not all article directories are good so make sure you submit to the right ones. Check out our full list of articles sites that you can submit to.

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