A couple a years ago Google launched its answer to social media sites like facebook and called it Google+ (sometimes called incorrectly written as Google plus) and for a while not much attention was paid to it.  However today it has hundreds of millions or active users and deserves the attention of anyone who is trying to market their product or service online.  Although it is similar to facebook it is different and the key aspects of what makes it different is why every business needs to be integrated it into their online strategy.

Google+ is integrated into other Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Adwords, Blogger and of course Search. It is the search aspect that I will be focusing on here. Google is constantly trying to give users the best (most relevant) search results possible but what might be relevant to you my not be to someone else. Enter Google+.

Google+ is now rolled into the search results allowing people to find relevant web pages they might not have found otherwise. This is done by taking advantage of the fact that Google knows a lot about what you are interested in when you are logged into your Google account (Gmail, Analytics, YouTube etc.). Your search results can be personalized to suit you.

For example lets do a search for “Toronto real estate agents” and see what we get:

Not Logged Into Google

Google Search - Not Logged In

Logged Into Google Account

Google Search - Logged In

You can see that when I am logged into my Google account I get an extra result in the search listing for Gabrielle Jeans’ Google+ page. So how do you get your Google+ plus page to appear in the search results? Well there are a couple of things you can do.

The first is to promote your page to friends, family, clients etc. and ask them to +1 the page, which is equivalent to a facebook like, and follow the page. You can also add the “+1” button to your website so visitors can indicate that they like your content. This is a signal to Google that they are interested in the page and that it might be worthwhile to add it to these peoples search results.

The second is to post content to your Google+ page based on your niche frequently. If you are Toronto real estate agent then post items that are about that subject. This again is another signal as to what your page is about and it encourages engagement with the people that are following the page. The subject matter and the level of engagement can influence the search results.

Google+ is becoming ever more important and should be used as just online promotional tool that can help to grow business.

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