reuse contentYou probably already know by now that in order to build a quality website that both engages visitors and also performs well in the search engines you need to create high quality content. This means spending the time to write about a topic that you feel will provide value and then promote it to your target audience. But as you continually add content to your site what happens to your old stuff? Do you just forget about it?

Leveraging your older content can be a great way to build traffic and new links to your website not to mention it can save you a lot of time. Good content is good content and deserves to be seen. Here are some of the ways you can turn something old into something new again.

Review Your Existing Content

You probably have content on your site that is getting some traffic that you might not be aware of. This is a good time to use Google Analytics  to find which pages on your site are receiving visitors. This information can be found in the left hand column of Google Analytics under Behaviour. See the image below:

Screen Shot Google Analytics Site Content

Screen Shot Google Analytics Site Content

This will give you some idea as to which content on your site you want to start to rework. Some of this content may have been added a long time ago. Since then you probably have learned a lot more about search engines, keywords, or creating good content. Go back to these pages and makes sure that they all have proper Title tags, Meta Descriptions.

After that you will want to re-read it. You may find that some of the information is out-of-date or that you find some mistakes that require correcting. Make sure it reads well and that keyword phrases are used properly. Remember, write for people not search engines. Keyword phrases within the content are important but it has to make sense and be relevant to what the piece is about. If you do make substantial changes to your content now might be a good time to re-share on your social media accounts (linking opportunity).

Turn Your Content Into Presentation Slides/Videos **Linking Opportunity**

Coming up with new content can be a challenge so turn some of your older content into presentations. Sometimes people would rather see what you have to say instead of reading what you have to say. You can use software such as PointPoint (or Keynote if you are on a Mac) to create a presentation version of your content. It can just be slides or you can add your voice. Be as creative as you want. Once it is done you can upload it to a site like or export it as a video for Youtube. This allows you to easily share it on facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, e-mail etc. and your profile on these sites will contain a link back to your website. If other people link it you can get more links from other websites.

Repost On Other Sites

If you have others websites that you maintain, such as a wordpress blog or an account of a site like, you can repost your content in order to try to reach a wider audience. Here you have two choices. You can either rewrite the content before posting or just post it as is. Just know that if you post it as is Google will not rank the other sites when someone searches for your content but they will still rank your site for it. If you are worried about duplicate content don’t be. Google just wants to know who the original author was so they can rank the appropriate website. And don’t forget to link back to your website from the content no matter where you post it. It is a good quality link but also you want to drive traffic back to your main site.

Creating great content for your site can be hard as well as time consuming so you want to make sure you get the most out all the content on your site. Reusing and updating your existing content can be a great way to build links and a targeted audience.


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