04Nov 2015

When it comes to creating a high quality SEO program that is going to get the results you want, it’s important to understand the role that backlinks play in how websites rank. There probably is no other ranking factor that has so many myths swirling around it or is so misunderstood. Contrary to the belief […]

14Oct 2015

At the current era we are living in, the source of all content, materials and knowledge is the website. A large number of the population visit the internet daily to search for whatever knowledge they would like to know. Many content publishers are also coming up in great numbers. In order therefore to rise above […]

28Mar 2014

You probably already know by now that in order to build a quality website that both engages visitors and also performs well in the search engines you need to create high quality content. This means spending the time to write about a topic that you feel will provide value and then promote it to your […]

21Mar 2014

Ever since facebook allowed businesses to create their own pages companies have been using them for branding purposes and as a great promotional tool to market themselves to the huge community of facebook users. Businesses can post to their facebook page and fans of the page would see it their News Feed. And it is […]

13Mar 2014

  A couple a years ago Google launched its answer to social media sites like facebook and called it Google+ (sometimes called incorrectly written as Google plus) and for a while not much attention was paid to it.  However today it has hundreds of millions or active users and deserves the attention of anyone who […]

11Mar 2014

When people first look into optimizing their website in order to gain better placement in the search engines one of the first things that comes to mind is the web site’s meta tags. The meta tags contain information such as the keyword or keyword phrases that best describe the information or theme of a website […]

11Mar 2014

In this series we are going to be take a look at how search engine work and what they are looking for in order to get top (page 1) rankings in the search results. We will be going over the most popular search engines individually but the basic principles are the same for all of […]

11Mar 2014

Top search engine rankings are primarily driven by the links that point to a particular website but just as important to take into consideration is the anchor text that is being used for your link. Too often people will use their name or company name as their link. This will get you to page one […]